Monday, October 29, 2007

I preeched Sundy nite

I preeched Sundy nite wile Preecher was preeching at a bigger church somewhere elst. Everbody said it was exsellent.

I preeched on grase. I relly layed it out there for them told them they needed to pay there Preechers better amen. One lady what doesnt like me just come up and sad Bless your hart, thats just what I needed to here. So may be its a good sine and Ill start getting pade agan amen. I use to get pade $30 month to leed yuthe grupe but sense Ive become evanglist there not been any money comin in amen.

Here it is may it bless your sole.

Title Luke 10:7- "Just what the doctor orderd"
Take 2 sermons ever Sundy and call me in the morning

I. "and in the same house remain"
A. Stay in the same church
B. Remane there just dont visit, be there ever time door is open
-3 to thrive
-importence of sunday skool
-take your kids to my yuthe grupe
II "eating and drinking such things as theygive"
A. Dont say you arent getting fed
B. Beleve whatever the Preecher says
C. examples of what preecher says
-ladies dress code,
-no rock n rolls,
-sole winning,
-no CCM
-no booze
-no long hare no men and no short hare on ladies
-cullotes are pants too
-always vote Republickan
- women in subjeckton with all gravety
D. Take what the preechers give dont listen to other preechers on TV or radio
unless preecher says its ok
III "the laberer is worthy of his hire"
A. pay the preechers
B. laberer worthy of HIS hire... each preecher gets there own pay
C. laberer worthy of HIS hire... that means no women preechers D. the preechers are worthy

Friday, October 26, 2007

Exegesus of Isah 27:1

A reeder asked me bout Isah 27:1. This is the interptaton:

Levithan is the Dragon upon witch the Grate Hore of Rome rides amen. Thats the Eropeen Union amen whitch will be the center of the one world govment amen. Now the Beest only has teen horns so the Eropeen Union gong to have to kick out some contries out of there group amen. Probably the Scandnavan contries and Germny amen becuse there not part of the orignal Rome empire amen.

The Sword is the KJB whitch is the only translaton that is not from the Grate Hore amen. Wuscott and Horton were Roman Cathlicks that gave us the Modren per-Versons and whitch all the librale churches and children of the Grate Hore us amen. But the KJB is like the dubble edged sword what cuts to the bone amen and is a grate thret to the Grate Hore. Thats why all the grate Funmentalist preechers need to have body gards amen. There old time KJB preeching is a thret to the Luminaty and there always trying to get them kilt amen. The KGB used to consider Jack Hiles there most dangerous opponent here in America amen.

Even today we see that the company that owns the NIV is in controle of all the news channels and newspapers amen. Rupert Murdox is trying to bring in the one world govment and some day it will work amen and the Grate Hore of Rome will take over amen. But the KJB is gong to take them down amen. Now I dont know how that will happen becuse all the preechers will be taken up at the Rapture amen but there KJBs will still be here and maybe peeple with start reeding them and revolt ganst the Grate Hore whitch rides upon the Levithan amen.

The KJB says that the elect will beleve a strong deluson amen. That refers to the Calvansts amen what calls themselves the elect. They wont be taken up with the Rapture amen becuse there hareticks and not saved amen becuse there not born of incruptable seed, which is the KJB. The strond dillusion is the modern perversons like the NIV, ESV, NKJV, NASB, RSV, Living Bible, HCSB, ecksetra. But the KJB will stand ganst the Grate Hore and kill Levithan amen.