Monday, August 11, 2008

The end is nere and I still dont have a wife!

Bruthers, sisters... apostrates and librales,

Last nite Preecher told us the stage is beng set for the Rapture rite now as Russa has invade Gorgia amen. That not the state of Gorgia thats a small contry necks to Russa amen. They need to invade Gorgia so they can march there armys down to Isrell after the Grate Triblaton amen. There armys are getting reddy rite now just like China is. This Olimpic stuff is just China showing off there power. Russa and china will teem up and fight genst Israell in the last days and the blood will flow up to the horses necks in that grate and terribull day amen. Just any time now the trumpt culd blow.

Pleese pray for me as I have not yet found wife and I may not have time now. My countnance is fallen and this Preecher feels like he may not be able to go on. I know that I need to look forward to the Blest Hope but I relly wanted to get merried. Now Ill probably pass on before I get to enjoy merrage amen. Pleese pray that Presdent Bush sends troops over there to stop Russa and set back the time tables a little wile longer amen.

Sinserely,Bro. Phil Armenik


Blogger Pastorphil2008 said...

Dr. Phil, I so admire you and want to be like you. Is there a Bible Cawledge where I can study your ways?

7:41 PM  
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