Saturday, November 11, 2006

Deer Reeders,Many of you have wundered where I been. I thank for your consern for this vangelist amen. Let me tell you where Ive been amen. Ive been amen oversees amen. This summer I was invite to go to Pappa New Ginna to preech to the sinners over there amen. I didnt have no money to go amen but my Dad gave me money amen he sad it be good for me to out the house for a while amen.

I was gong to stay a yeer amen but libral missonaryes sent me home amen. They culdnt handle the preeching of this vangelist amen. Let me tell you something bout Pappa New Ginna amen. Them folks over there ware no close amen. The women walk around have nakid and the men wares dresses amen. Thats right the so called men over there ware grass skirst just like lesban hippyy girls do over here amen.I decided to stand ganst sin and wrong amen and start preeching on propper atire for mens and womens amen. I preech for two month on this important topic of proper dress for Funmentalists amen.

Then I overhere the missonary and translater talk about me amen. Missonary told him not to translate what I was saying but just preech something else amen.Well this evanglist doesnt stand for this and conftont them on the spot like Paul and Silas confront Peter in the book of Romens amen. I told him Im the preecher and hes the translater and he doesnt have the athorty to change my words. Well the missonary said he told him to change my words and I told him again Im the prrecher and your just a misosnary amen and Im the athority around here amen. He sad Im not have you destroy my misson field with your preeching I just had you come over here to help buld church and stuff amen not to preech on close. Well necks thing I know I was back on plane to USA amen.I tell you what in these last days the peeple are wax worse and worse amen.

Its sad day when not only the peeople but the preechers and missonarys dont care if people walk round half naked like too bit hore amen.But less I get too discourage theres still some what havent bowed the nee to Bale amen. My preecher when I got back gave me a doctrate of missons amen. Tis is my ninths doctrate amen.

This vangelist will be back on preeching circuit so plese let me know if you need someone to preech revivle or fill the pulpit or even preech youth meetings amen. Im very versatle and flexable and can preech in many diffrent venyus amen.

Sincerely,Evangelist Dr Phil ARmenik,Evanglist Bro. Dr. Phil Armenik, Moe.D., D.D., D.Min, D.I.P., Th.D., Ph.D., D.Litt, D.Hum., D. Miss.

King James Only, Pretriblatonal, Premilenniall, Dispensatonal, High Standards, Soul Winning, Hell Fire and Brimestone Preachig, No Tunges, Landmark INDAPENDANT FUNMENTAL BAPTIST!!


Blogger Nathan said...

Nine doctorates! Truly you are a man of God. You've also inspired me to stay in seminary, praise God.

1:54 PM  

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