Friday, September 21, 2007

New class Im teeching the semster

Im teeching 20th centry church history at our Bible collage this fall. The corse is divide into two the two grate movements of the last hundred years called Fundmentalism and Libralism.

For Fundmentlism we will be studying the grate Fundmental Baptist preechers such as:

charles Spurgon
DL Moody
J Frank Norris
John R Rice
Lee Robersen
Lester Roloff
Jack Hyles
Jack Shap
Phil Kid
David Clowd
Bob Jones Sr

For Librals we will study the following librals. Some of you mite ask why were studing librals and thats just so you know what your up against amen. These are the apostrates we will study:

Harry Emersen Fosdik
Billy Gramm
Fransis Shafer
RC Sprule
Jerry Fellwell
Al Moler
Tim Lee
Voile Glover
Jon McArther
Jon Piper
Rick Waren
Joe Osteen

The semester alreddy started but if any of you want to take the class thru distance lerning just call the church and well send you out a packet amen.


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