Monday, October 29, 2007

I preeched Sundy nite

I preeched Sundy nite wile Preecher was preeching at a bigger church somewhere elst. Everbody said it was exsellent.

I preeched on grase. I relly layed it out there for them told them they needed to pay there Preechers better amen. One lady what doesnt like me just come up and sad Bless your hart, thats just what I needed to here. So may be its a good sine and Ill start getting pade agan amen. I use to get pade $30 month to leed yuthe grupe but sense Ive become evanglist there not been any money comin in amen.

Here it is may it bless your sole.

Title Luke 10:7- "Just what the doctor orderd"
Take 2 sermons ever Sundy and call me in the morning

I. "and in the same house remain"
A. Stay in the same church
B. Remane there just dont visit, be there ever time door is open
-3 to thrive
-importence of sunday skool
-take your kids to my yuthe grupe
II "eating and drinking such things as theygive"
A. Dont say you arent getting fed
B. Beleve whatever the Preecher says
C. examples of what preecher says
-ladies dress code,
-no rock n rolls,
-sole winning,
-no CCM
-no booze
-no long hare no men and no short hare on ladies
-cullotes are pants too
-always vote Republickan
- women in subjeckton with all gravety
D. Take what the preechers give dont listen to other preechers on TV or radio
unless preecher says its ok
III "the laberer is worthy of his hire"
A. pay the preechers
B. laberer worthy of HIS hire... each preecher gets there own pay
C. laberer worthy of HIS hire... that means no women preechers D. the preechers are worthy


Blogger Darrell said...

This is some serious exegetin' brother Phil.


11:46 AM  
Blogger Robbie Grayson said...

Thenks fer this mesage. I thunk I jus get saved.

7:00 PM  

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