Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it OK to show left behidn movees

Bruthers and Sisters as well as Librales, Hereticks, and Apostrates,I like to ask your opinyon about somthing.

I was asked to preech at teen lock in Jackson MI last week. Yuth pastor there is a guy I knew from Bible Collage before I had to drop out for lack of money. Hes got reel big yuthe grupe going and I thot he was mitey in the power of the KJB.After I preech there was invitaton and not too many soles were save but he said, Bruther Armenik he said, Bruther just wate till we show this movee and there will be crying and whaling of teeth. amen. He sad Im gong to show this film about the Rapture and bruther thatll bring them down the aisle like Jack Hiles amen.

Well amen I stayed around and he put the movee in and it was Left Behind movee. Afterwards we red from the KJB on the four horse men and the vales of rath and plagues and brother there was teers flowing and there was 62 salvatons and 79 assurance of salvaton amen and there was only 74 kids. We got them good and save amen and just in case they didnt meen it first time we got them down to the alter again amen. It was grate and blest my hart.

But let me ask you if I need to seprate from my frend for showing left behind movees. Pleese andser one of the four:

  1. No becuse Tim LeHay is Suthron Baptist
  2. No becuse the books dont use the KJB
  3. No becuse movees are wrong
  4. Whatever gets them save