Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FREE content on Phil Armenik blog!!!11!!1!

Bruthers, sisters, and apostrates,

Plese pray for me as I have been busy trying to get merried. I been living here in Florda with parents again after Preecher said I culdnt live in church basement no more. I found a Babtist skool teecher here that works in the skool at the church where Ive been attending. I know shes the one but she is not convinced yet becuse I dont have job. She told me she didnt wnat to merry no man who made half what she did but news is good Ive been working 2nd shift at Wendys and boss sad if I keep up the good work I get hired on full time and that means Ill be eligble for benfits like helth care and 401k amen. Right now Im only work 20 hours a week and my woman says she not interested until I make what she does. Thats gong to be hard act to follow and I mite need to get second job amen as she makes almost $13000 a yere.

Bruthers I have been think about charging for access to my blog but for rite now I have decide to keep it FREE amen. Its not like one of those nasty pay blogs where you have to pay money to reed. I thot Id keep putting up my preeching on here to bless your soles but plese feel free to send me love offring anytime amen. A little here and there wuld help as I try to confince this girl to merry me amen. The KJB says that its not good for man to be alone and in anuther place it says that the Preecher is worth dubble honor so whatever you make an hour just send dubble that to me amen. I think thats only fare.

But for those of you like me thats poor rest assure the content is FREE on bro phil Armenik's page amen.


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