Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is here

Spring is here amen. Spring is the time when new life begins amen. Some of you need to start a new life amen. If you dont know what I mean amen I mean you need to get SAVED amen.

Some of you say your saved amen but if you were saved amen you wuldnt act like you do amen.

If you were saved amen you wuldnt listen to that rock n rolls amen or go to Hellywood movees amen. You say you only go to cleen movees amen but how do the unsaved know your not watching porn in the theeater amen. Some will say brother Armenik I dont listen to no rock and rolls but you listen to contry amen and its just as bad amen. It all come out of Nashville amen and theres nothing good come out of that city amen. And that goes for you Suthron Babtist amen who is also in Nashville amen. And then thers those of you that like listening to the Gaythers and other Suthron Baptist Gospel amen but lets not go there amen.

lets talk bout those librale churches you go to amen. You know the kind with the CCM musack and the glass pulpit amen. Your playing with strange fare amen with that trashy musack amen and the pulpit suppose to be big and scary becuse thats your athority when you preech amen. How anyone suppose do take preecher seriesly when hes not in sute and tie and behind big pulpit I dont know amen. Only accepton is street preeching amen you dont need no pulpet there amen but you do need to be in sute and tie. And then lets talk about them week decon run churches amen. You librales in churches where the preecher dont have athority need to get rite amen. You mite as well be Suthron Baptist with that kind of deecons running the show amen. Then you let your women walk round the church like too bit hore amen you shuld be shamed of yourself amen.

lets talk bout the ladies dress code amen. The KJB says you shuld be whereing dress at all time amen. If you ware pants your where close what pertains to man amen. Your flirtying with being a man amen and if you let your little girls where them amen dont be surprised amen if they become lesbans amen and amen.

Some of you out there say you have your wifes in subjeckson with all gravety amen. Maybe she wares dresses all time and obeys all time like wifes shuld amen but then you let her work outside the home amen. Thats out of pit of hell amen. Only jobs woman shuld do is be preecher wife or school teecher amen. If the kids is all growed up amen then you can go be nurse amen. But some of you women out there beng accountant and stuff like that need to get rite. Theres plent men accountant unemployed what cant feed there fambly becuse you got there job amen. You shuld be shamed amen.

Lets talk bout you yung women. Some of you women is 25 yeers old and still not marreed. some of you live in your own apartment amen. you have no busness doing that amen you need to be under athorty of dad or husbend amen and if your not then you need to get it rite amen. Theres plenty preecher boys in your local King James Baptist church what needs preecher wife and your too busy working. How you gong to have six or eit kids like woman shuld if you dont start having babies until your 30 amen? Wake up and smell the coffee amen its time to get merried amen.

Some of you complane that its been while since I brot you any good word on the Sinnernet amen. You punks need to reelize that I preech what I want to preech where I want to preech and when I wants to preech amen. Im not behold to you amen. Amen listen to me dont try and tell this preecher what to do amen becuse Im not a henpecked preecher amen and Im not a Conventon man amen and I dont have no deecons running the show here amen. Im INDAPENANT BAPTIST and you can like it or lump it but thats how it is AMEN. Im getting sick and tired of you librales always critize the preecher amen. Someone said to mee the other day amen that Phil your 25 aint it time you moved out of your parents basement amen? Let me tell you something punk Im called to full time minstry amen and Im not stepping down just to earn a buck amen. If I wanted to chase money amen Id go talk to Tim Lee and lern how amen. Dont you ever forget this preecher is is own man what preeches it strate!!!


Evangelist Dr Phil ARmenik,Evanglist Bro. Dr. Phil Armenik, Moe.D., D.D., D.Min, D.I.P., Th.D., Ph.D., D.Litt, D.Hum.King James Only, Pretriblatonal, Premilenniall, Dispensatonal, High Standards, Soul Winning, Hell Fire and Brimestone Preachig, No Tunges, Landmark INDAPENDANT FUNMENTAL BAPTIST!!