Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Theem for bus minstry

Bruthers, Sisters, apostrates,

Im starting a new campane for the bus minstry its called "No Child Left Behind" amen. Bruthers our goal is to get ever one in are subdivishon to get saved amen. Were not even worried about them coming to church were just gong to get them saved amen so they dont get left behind for the Rapture which culd come like A theef in the nite at any minute when the angle blows that trumpt amen.

Ive gone out and bot lots of candy what was on sale after Helloweens and were gong to get these kids saved one way or another amen. Were gong out to the playgrounds and the skate parks and the bycycle paths and were ever the kids are well be there with plenty of candy and some tracks to leed them in the prayer of fathe amen.I know some of you punks out there are Calvanismists and other librales and think we shuld be trying to get peeple in church. Well we are but rite now I just want them to get save becuse I think were in the last days and time is short and we just need to get them save and stop worry about church amen.

Bruthers if you know of any womens what wants to get merried in the necks couple months pleese give me there number brothers if I dont get merried Im gong to loose my minstry amen. Id relly like to get merried before the Rapture and that culd be any day now so I dont have time to waste amen.sinserely,